2018 Reading/Study Plan

Well, The New Year is here and this is a great time to make adjustments. I view the New Year as a “landmark” that allows us to ensure that we are on the right path and also reminding us of what is important…

This plan is designed to guide you through a number of options based on your time, availability and preference:


Plan 1 – Read/Study The Bible in 36 Weeks
6-8 Chapters per Day, 5 Days per week

Plan 2 – Read/Study The Bible in 36 Month (3 Years)
6-8 Chapters per Week

Plan 3 – Read/Study The Bible in 36 Days
35-45 Chapters per Day

Plan 4 – Read/Study The Bible at your own pace
Use plan as a guide to stay on track


New Millenium Study Plan